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CSSTidy For Windows [Updated]

CSSTidy is a tool that makes CSS-CSS-spitting and CSS-CSS-parsing easy. CSSTidy has no dependencies to any other CSS languages (Cascading Style Sheets, VML, Javascript and others) and is ideal for all browsers, because it is not limited to a subset of CSS-features (like how browsers works do that) and makes CSS-CSS-parsing the same as it is done in a CSS-parser. The parser can be used, for example, to format or repair CSS-code. All CSS-features are supported, even parts which are not implemented in all browsers. It is not limited to the W3C CSS standard, CSS-CSS-properties, CSS-JS, CSS-CSS-Variables and CSS-CSS-Color can be used.
– – –
The latest version of CSSTidy will give warnings for deprecated CSS-properties.
(Some of these properties are not even in the HTML4 CSS-standard.) You can define the properties which you want to use with the option “includeDeprecatedCSS”.
If you enter the property (without the “:”), CSSTidy will warn you if the property is deprecated and will add the proper property to the CSS-source.
If you enter the property (with the “:”), it is used and there won’t be any warnings.
This is useful for developers who want to fix their own CSS-code.
Another important feature of the newest version of CSSTidy is the smart whitespace removing which makes it possible to turn whitespace free CSS-tags into CSS-tags where all whitespaces are removed except for those in quotes, strings, CSS-properties and values.
Another important feature of the newest version of CSSTidy is the smart block-joining. It makes sure that blocks with all values (block type:block) are joined in a way which is easier for the browser to render. All properties from all blocks are joined and there’s no need to separate properties into blocks, because you have the properties (like padding or margin) available on every block.
– – –
CSSTidy can be used both from command line and as PHP script. The CSSTidy version for the PHP-script is available from
The PHP-script can handle multiple files as argument at once. This is a small drawback because in the command line

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CSSTidy is a CSS parser and optimiser written in PHP. It is based on ideas from Selective-CSS and Stylus.
It can be used as CLI application, as a PHP-Script, as a standalone library or a library for Zend Framework.
It’s purpose is to avoid the usage of regular expressions in parsing.
CSSTidy allows very easy and easy to code you own editing functions.
For the main download-page see:
For a detailed documentation see:
For a list of feature tests see:
For a list of bundled source-code see:
For a list of bundled php-unit-test see:
For a list of contributing users see:
For a list of open-issues see:
For PHP Version Requirements see:

In a previous article we have seen how to install Aptana Studio 3 and to configure it.
By the way, I recommend you to start with a fresh installation of it, in order to avoid a lot of problems which can occur by using previous configurations.
Here we will see how to install IntelliJ community edition and a short tutorial on how to use it.


IntelliJ is a product by IDEA, the popular development environment for Java, Groovy, JRuby, Scala and more.
It is free and open-source, it’s a stable and a powerful IDE, it is popular among the developers.


I recommend you to use a virtual machine for testing the IDE. VirtualBox is a free solution which is widely used and powerful enough to support all plugins.
Please download the virtual machine:

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It is a CSS parser that can read and write CSS files.
It is designed to be easy to use and it performs well.
The compression ratio mostly depends on the level of whitespace-removal. Using standard whitespace-removal (which preserves the readability) the compression ratio often is 30% and more. In theory the compression ratio can be 99,99% but only very “stupid” stylesheets will allow those ratios.
If a high compression is not important for you, you can also use CSSTidy to format or fix CSS code for a higher browser compatibility. Apart from the 4 default templates you can specify custom templates so that you can easily format a lot of CSS code using your own coding style. Other features are sorting and changing the case of selectors and properties.
CSSTidy is licensed under the MIT License and can be found on github.
An invite code (which is being used very often) is : dirtsey
The code does not use any regular expression engine which is known for its non-comfortable user interface, inefficient code generation and high CPU use.
It has a safe implementation in terms of syntax.
All functions are builtin (no additional libraries required) and are easy to use.
By default CSS-Syntax and CSS-Elements are sorted. If you want to apply different sorting rules you can specify the sorting in an options file (csstidy.options), the sorted option, or in command line arguments.
By default the order of the sorted properties is (In CSS3 order):
“name”, “property”, “value”, “type”, “family”, “size”, “weight” “color” “grid-template-lines”, “grid-template-areas”, “grid-auto-flow”, “grid-auto-cols”, “grid-auto-rows”, “grid-row-gap”, “grid-column-gap”, “grid-template-rows”, “grid-template-columns”, “grid-template”, “grid-gap”, “grid-column”, “grid-row”, “grid-inline-start”, “grid-inline-end”, “grid-start”, “grid-end”, “grid”, “grid-row”, “grid-column”, “m”, “mar”, “margin”, “margin-top”, “margin-right”, “margin-bottom”, “margin-left”, “margin-top”, “margin

What’s New In?

HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP and AJAX Content Compressors and Correctors
A “content compressor” is a PHP script that removes all unnecessary whitespace, or any other kind of space at the very end of a file.
“Content correctors” are PHP scripts that fix any broken line breaks in your code, they also change tabs to a certain number of spaces, depending on the tab size and language.
CSSTidy is a content compressor and corrector and a combination of both. It’s a program that can get rid of all whitespace that is not allowed in the HTML/XHTML standards. It can also normalise the line breaks which can be crucial for aesthetics and thus readability.
(The PHP scripts can also change all tabs into a certain number of spaces to make it easier to read in code editors. This is especially important if you write PHP code, or are involved with any development where someone else compiles your code.
The whitespace removing and replacing parts of CSSTidy works a lot like a the online content compressor “PrettyXML”.
This means that if you post a new topic or article, you have to write your article with pretty XML before you post it, or if you want a new user to be able to see your article in their reader, they can just select the “View As Text” option in their reader.
If you use CSSTidy/CSStoHTML you don’t have to use the pretty XML editor to get the exact same result as CSSTidy, you can just use CSSTidy.
Tip: If you compress the CSS for a little while you can use PrettyXML in your CSS editor, this will save you a lot of time.
Use CSSTidy in PHP scripts:
You can install CSSTidy from any PHP script with an easy to use set of php functions.
Simply call “compress_css()” or “compress_css($file_path, $level)”.
The level parameter is optional.
Typical usage:

System Requirements For CSSTidy:

Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 or AMD Phenom II X4
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better
Recommended Requirements:
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better
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