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SubWizard was designed to be a small tool that will convert SRT subtitle files to Subtitle Creator, StreamWeaver or DVD Fusion format.
Furthermore, the software solution also enables users to synchronize the subtitle file, according to their necessities.


Download ::: DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ::: DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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SubWizard, as the name suggests, is the tool that allows users to convert the SRT into Subtitle.

The software solution is capable of converting the SRT files to a variety of formats including Subtitle Creator, DVD Fusion, StreamWeaver, DVDA, VDR-AMA, AsfMux, and DefSub.

The user has the flexibility of choosing the subtitle language and encoding to suit the needs of the client.

In addition, the software solution also allows users to choose what subtitles to be synced and what subtitles need to be ignored while converting the SRT file to the selected format.

SubWizard Capabilities:

Convert to any of the following subtitle formats

Subtitle Creator






Preset subtitles

Adjust fonts size

Handling of the font colour of the subtitles

Sync Subtitle Files

Extra videos

Video Frames

Various other features

SubWizard Screenshots:

What’s New in Latest Version:

The software was updated with various bug fixes and usability enhancements

Added support of different DVD resolution modes

Added support of various video file formats

Support of more subtitle languages

Added the support for the stream weaver and simple weaverSono tutti anime. Tutti uomini. Tutto quello che c’è di vero in un mondo ingannevole. Un uomo ingannato e destituito. Ci pensa lo specchio che parla della sua stessa vita. Ma chi mai potrebbe chiudere gli occhi su tutto quello che accade in questo mondo? È il cuore stesso.

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• 100% compatible with the original.

• Automatically detect and synchronize the subtitle file to the subtitle format of the media file.

• Supports different subtitle formats, such as ConvertSrt, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT, ConvertSRT and ConvertSRT.

• Supports subtitle streams, such as mpegs, h264, xvid, flv, 3gp and avi.

• Supports different subtitle formats such as Sub-X, Sub-X, Sub-X, Sub-X, Sub-X, Sub-X, Sub-X, Sub-X and Sub-X.

• Supports different video encoding file formats such as Mpeg4, Xvid, DivX, DV, MP4, H264.

• Supports different audio formats such as MP3, AAC, VQF, VQF, VQF, VQF and VP, VP.


Cracked SubWizard With Keygen is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0

[PROS OF SubWizard Crack Mac]

• Import subtitle file.

• Export subtitle file.

• Non-interactive, automatic processing.

• 30 languages

• 100% standalone software.

[CONS OF SubWizard]

• Install subtitles manually.

• Non-updated software.

• Sync subtitles non-interactively.

• Non-automatic and manual synchronization.




Reviews of the program

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«SrtConvert» doesn’t have a 15-day trial, so I’m not sure what the


SubWizard is a subtitle converter for the most popular video conversion programs. The aim of the program is to be a helper for those who are using FMT file format to prepare their video for using in their video conversion software. The program can convert any FMT subtitle file to Subtitle Creator, StreamWeaver, or DVD Fusion formats. Moreover, it contains an option to synchronize the file with your video. Furthermore, it enables you to set the speed of automatic recognition of the subtitles.

SubWizard Works In:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Install Steps:

Download and install SubWizard

Download and install the required software

Run SubWizard

Software Requirements:

The program has the following requirements:

A way to see the subtitles

Some video conversion software

SubWizard Copyright:

I’m using the software within the royalty free “PLAGWI” license.

Notice about the FMT file format:

The FMT format is the format used by the software for the transformation of the subtitles, it supports XAVC, XAVC-L, or CRS formats as well as other file extensions. More info here.

SubWizard Shortcut:

No shortcut is provided yet.

SubWizard Keys:

Note: The keys are case-sensitive, i.e. the letters must be typed exactly in the same order they are on the keyboard.



To rename the subtitle file:

Press P

To cut the subtitle file:

Press X

To paste the subtitle file in the relevant place of your video:

Press A

To synchronize the file with the video:

Press C

To delete the subtitle file:


To add filters to the subtitle file:

Press CTRL+D

To show the video in your video converter software:

Press CTRL+I

To enable the automatic recognition of the subtitles:

Press S

To disable the automatic recognition of the subtitles:

Press P

To exit:

Press W

Window SubWizard:

SubWizard is a cross-platform application that runs in the Windows OS.

Look And Feel:

SubWizard comes with a wizard that can be launched from its own shortcut.

What’s New in the SubWizard?

You could simply click on the link below for downloading the WinZip file:
The extraction will start automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the entire description before deciding to download, install and use the software.

There are 3 main subtitles included in this package:

Full Demo: With all 3 subtitles, you will be able to test and see the features that the program has.

1 – SrtToConverter.exe: The first one is the conversion tool. It will enable you to convert any SRT file to the Subtitle Creator or StreamWeaver file.

2 – CCSubSaver.exe: This tool enables users to save the subtitles that they watch. It is used to sync the subtitles automatically with the disc.

3 – SrtSync.exe: This one is just to synchronize any SRT files for the users who need to have them identical. It will help to keep their subtitles the same.

This package contains 3 different subtitle files which have been imported directly into Subtitle Creator:

SRT: An SRT file which has been extracted into file and included as a source file.

Subtitle Creator: file created with Subtitle Creator.

.ac3: A SRT file which was created in a format that will support it in the DVD Player (such,.ssa,.ttl,.srtm…). This one has been decoded.

The SrtSync.exe is not executable. Only the SrtSync_installer.exe will be used in the end.

Your comments are always welcome and in case of your positive feedback I will upload every new version of the software as it is released.


I’m sorry to say that this tool does not work under Windows 8.
It will work only under Windows 7 and Windows XP, and for Mac OS 10.6.x, 10.7.x or 10.8.x, all software is compatible.

Did you try to install the program under Windows 8 and then restart it?

Actually this tool was tested with a Windows 8 computer, and it works fine.

About me:
I’m new to Windows programming, I’ve just started to learn it.
I’m also new to this forum, so please be understanding. I’ll learn from you guys,

System Requirements For SubWizard:

As with any of my reviews, I’m going to take a look at the game in question, and see if it is in a good state or not. I’m going to look at the game through the eyes of a gamer, and see what I like, what I don’t like, and what makes a game worth purchasing or not.
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